In the first part of this series, we covered all the basics to get you started on ANKI:

  • Installing ANKI
  • Creating an ANKI Web Account
  • Importing A2KI (Pre-Made Decks)
  • Studying your Deck

In the second part of this series, we learnt how to:

  • create decks
  • add new cards
  • edit created cards
  • modify the review settings

If you haven't read the previous 2 articles, I highly encourage you to do so before moving on.

In this article, we cover 'advanced features' of ANKI. In all fairness, it isn't that advanced at all.

However, as I created decks for A2KI, I found that these keyboard shortcuts and Add Ons have boosted my efficiency tenfold.

As usual, I've included a ToC so you can skip to certain sections if that's what you're here for. Enjoy!

⌨️ Keyboard Shortcuts

The thing about Keyboard Shortcuts is that although they're an unbelievable game-changer, they take some time to get used to.

The key is to constantly use it to the point it becomes second nature, that's when you can fully enjoy the benefits of Keyboard Shortcuts.

Here are the Keyboard Shortcuts I use for basically every single action within ANKI, shaving microseconds as I go along.

  1. A - Open Add New Cards Window
  2. B - Open Browse Window
  3. Ctrl/Cmd + N - Change Note Type (Basic/Cloze/Image Occlusion etc)
  4. Ctrl/Cmd + Enter - Add Card to Target Deck
  5. Ctrl/Cmd + D - Change Target Deck
  6. Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + C - Insert Cloze (under Cloze Deletion Card Type)
  7. Ctrl/Cmd + B - Toggle Bold
  8. Ctrl/Cmd + I - Toggle Italic
  9. Ctrl/Cmd + U - Toggle Underline
  10. Ctrl/Cmd + C - Copy
  11. Ctrl/Cmd + V - Paste
  12. Esc - Close Add New Cards Window

Trust me, they pay off in the long-run.

⚡ Add Ons

If you use Anki then you should be optimising and customising it for what you want it to do. Add-ons are the perfect way of doing that.

Here are my top three free add-ons:

  1. Image Occlusion Enhanced (code: 1374772155) – perfect for diagrams If there is one add-on you download, its this.
  2. Frozen Fields (code: 516643804) – for adding similar cards quickly
  3. Advanced Browser (code: 874215009) - to boost your Browser

To use these add ons, copy and paste the code into the “Add ons” section.

See the video below for a step-by-step tutorial.

How to install Add Ons

That's all for now.

I hope these Keyboard Shortcuts and Add Ons will supercharge your ANKI experience.

If you'd like to get yourself some A2KI decks, feel free to place your order here!

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