If you have any enquiries or you wish to get in touch, don't hesitate to:-

  1. 📧 Fire an email my way! (hi@jia-shing.com)
  2. 📞Feel free to call me but please understand that in my efforts to be a self-professed productivity guru, my phone is currently on Do Not Disturb mode 24/7. Hence, the chance of me picking up a call is pretty minimal, but hey, there's no harm trying!
  3. 📤Send me a DM on my Instagram or Twitter.
  4. 💌Replying to my weekly email newsletter is by far the most effective way to get in touch with me because I plan to reply to every single email I get by Sunday so that I start my week with #InboxZero.

Visit my Carrd.Co profile to see more details on how to get in touch with me.

Looking forward to hear from you soon!