"Plant Trees Under Whose Shade You Do Not Expect To Sit"

An updated list of all my projects. Most are completed, some are ongoing, and a handful are just ideas.

If you fancy joining the ongoing projects or realizing the ideas, please get in touch via or LinkedIn.
And I really do mean it when I say this: "I want to talk!"

By the way, many people have asked me how I build and launch things fast.

I gave it some thought, and below is a (simplified but accurate) blueprint that I came up with to answer this question.

Talk to people. Understand the problem. Sense the gap.
Think. Think Deep. Think More.
Talk to more people. Listen to some people. Recruit the right people.
Got a plan? Now, intense execute to completion.
Execute. Execute Fast. Execute Hard.

Note: The execution is the least cognitively demanding part, but also the most deceptively difficult. And that's exactly where great ideas meet their demise.