Jia Shing Wee

Jan 11
Despite, Not Because
Jan 02
UCLA MATH 115A: Linear Algebra
May 24
An Examination of Titus Livius and Nepos' Portrayal of Hannibal Barca
May 31
Johnson Administration’s Escalation Of The Vietnam War & Domestic Politics
Mar 07
UCLA MATH 32A: Vector Calculus
Mar 07
Jimi Hendrix's "All Along The Watchtower": An Esthetic Analysis
Mar 07
A Closer Look at The Events That Led Up To The Berlin Blockade
Dec 12
Sexual Politics in Alice Walker's Meridian
Dec 09
The Value of Feminist Humor
Oct 29
Fangs Out With A Big Heart
Oct 26
Is the 1950s an "Age of Conformity"?
Oct 25
1956 "Ike Knows Best": Political Analysis
Feb 20
ANKI: Quick Launch Guide
Feb 20
ANKI: Creating Decks, Modifying Settings, Adding & Editing Cards
Feb 20
ANKI: Keyboard Shortcuts & Add Ons
Jan 31
🏁 2020: Milestones In Review
Jan 31
🎧 2020: Podcasts In Review
Jan 31
📚 2020: Books In Review
Nov 14
What's on my iPad Pro 2020?
Nov 08
⚓ Finding your Anchor